Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The Historic Hotel

In the world of luxury historic hotels, the Alvear Palace is one of the Grande Hotel Dames of Latin America. It’s a point of reference and marks the standard for luxury historic hotels in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires.

This hotel is a member of Historic Hotels Worldwide TM - a landmark hotel with impeccable service.


Photo Shoot Preparations

The two florists, Nora and Elisa, have worked at this hotel for 30 years.You wouldn’t believe how helpful that is when you are on a shoot - they know every last corner of the hotel and literally every available vase, from the antique cut-glass to beautiful ornate Chinese pieces.

This photo shoot took place in November, which is the Argentinian spring - the month when the streets of Buenos Aires are ablaze with purple jacaranda trees and lilac agapanthus. We used national flowers in this shoot and it was a joy for photographer Michelle Chaplow and stylist Andreea Gherasim to procure the flowers under the expert guidance of Nora and Elisa. 

The huge market on the outskirts of the town opens at 5am and at this early hour queues have already formed. The colours and perfumes ofthe vibrant blooms brought the lofty warehouse to life. The flowers that we collected for the shoot would have an excellent further use - adorning the rooms, halls and public spaces of the Alvear Palace, to be admired and flattered by passing guests.

The styling for our shoot also involved selecting top-quality leather luggage and accessories from the finest leather stores in Buenos Aires.

It was a delight to work at this hotel - the staff were proud to be part of the Hotel Alvear and their pride showed. This is one of those hotels where you can have two or three generations of the same family working side by side.


The Photo Shoot

The butlers unpack, repack, mend things and fill the bathtub, while the chambermaids walk up and down their iconic spiral staircase which is over 100 years old - reminiscent of a bygone age of travel. These are the essential Hotel Essence details. When commissioning a photographic shoot, the hotel management needs to consider the question, “Why is this hotel special?“ and ensure that uniqueness is captured. So here the maid walking up the stairs, the butler service, the bathtubs, the palatial rooms, the gourmet food, Sunday brunch, their iconic afternoon tea, the bellboys, the doorman, the barmen in their scarlet suits and jet-black bowties and the abundance of flowers, were all on the shot list. This is one unforgettable hotel, not just because of its lavish history. What really stands out is the pridetaken by the staff in their work, the present-day impeccable service and presentation.



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